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14 November 2006 @ 02:44 am
What Would Bauer Do?  
Okay--I've never done this before but I'll give it a shot.  I hope I'm doing this right.

Name: U. N. Owen
Age: 19
Location: Delaware

Likes: 24, of course!! To the point of near-obsession.  I love reading (almost anything but biographies).  I like Classical Literature, Sci-Fi, and fantasy--anything that carries me away from reality.  I adore well-worn books because then I know that they've been loved.  I love animals and almost anything that's brightly colored.  My dog is the light of my life.  I love working on the stage crew in theatre on running crew, lighting, and stage managing.  I participate in Mock Trial and I find the law facinating.  I want everyone to have justice, whether they like it or not.  I like to try new things for thrills--parasailing, roller coasters and the like but nothing too insane.  I am a coffee addict.  I play the oboe and the clarinet in marching band.  I also have a killer sweet-tooth.  I like all different types of music but I love getting mixes from my friends or online so I can try a little of everything.  I'm also a romantic at heart and sometimes escape to the fantasy world of stories.

Dislikes:  People who talk while I'm trying to concentrate or don't get the hint that they're not wanted, that infernal question "whatcha reading?" everytime I open a book, people who walk with their friends spread out across the length of the sidewalk so that you can't get through and walk past them.  I hate hypocrits and bigots, especially when they attempt to quote things and get it wrong.  I also hate when people mistake my strong emotions for weakness.  When I get assignments but I don't know the whole story, what's really going on, I get frustrated with only having a tiny part that makes no sense to me.  I need to see the whole picture.

Strengths:  When I set my mind to something I always get it done and go above and beyond to anticipate the next need.  I'm a natural leader.  I try to keep an open mind until all the evidence is in.  I constantly ask "why?" because I know that it is important to understand the overall structure.  Even though this seems like insubordination, I find more often than not that it leads me to the truth.  I want to know and understand everything so I am always looking to absorb new information.  I work well with other people, even if they do annoy me sometimes.  I am honest and fair-minded and, I like to think, intelligent.  I am also incredibly loyal.  It may take awhile for someone to earn my trust but once they have, I am loyal to a fault.  I am friendly and resourceful and I know how to charm people into giving me what I need.  I may start out feeling shy around new people but once I'm comfortable in a place I am fun to be around and completely open up.  I take everything very literally and hold people to their word ( I love language manipulation!)  I take responsibility for my actions.

Weaknesses:  I am beyond disorganized--I leave everything all over the place so that I can barely move; however, I do have a system and can usually locate the missing object.  I sometimes fixate on small projects that are unimportant but I feel I need to finish.  I can handle stress but it takes a toll on me emotionally.  I am not as spontaneous as I would like to be.  I complain too much.  I tend to also procrastinate.  I get over-committed.

3 Favorite Movies:Garden State, Stand By Me, My Girl
3 Favorite Musicians/ Groups: Showtunes (various), Something Corporate, Tchaikovski
3 Favorite Television Shows: 24, CSI, Law and Order
Favorite Color: Rainbow

24 Related Questions

Who is your favorite 24 character and why?
     Michelle.  She seems to be the most genuine of the group.  Michelle has a very rounded personality so we see how she lives, her family, her love life, her work and struggles.  She takes charge but doesn't bully others, she is loyal to those who have earned her trust, she took a chance on love, she wasn't afraid to show her emotions to the people closest to her but she could always be counted on to do what's right and put the needs of others before herself.
Fill in the blank: I love when Michelle says "I can't spend another day without you... I'm ready to leave here, I'm ready to go with you..."
Fill in the blank: Nina Meyers is a cold, heartless bitch and I am so glad she's dead--there is not one redeeming quality about her.
Who do you think ran CTU best?  Tony.  He ran everything fairly and, though it was hard for other agents to see, everything he did was for a reason.
What is your weapon of choice? Multi-tool
DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE BOMB IS? TELL ME DAMN IT!  I swear, I don't know.  If I did, it would be disabled by now.
When you are angry, who are you most likely to be?  Michelle.  I would yell and argue and become enraged but I'm not strong enough to handle people the way Jack does.
Prefered method of torture?  Scaring the crap out of the person--mind games
Which character do you relate most to?  Michelle.

Hold On...

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.-- Albert Camus

***Extra credit for including at leaset one clear picture of yourself.***

Green_Wing: dean - things that make you go hmmmmm?green_wing on December 18th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)
I can definitely see a lot of Michelle in your answers :)

(could you vote on mine? http://community.livejournal.com/24_stamping/7727.html)