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22 November 2006 @ 12:15 am
What would Bauer do?  
I hope this works...
Stamp me please?

Name: Melanie
Age: 16
Location: Argentina

Likes: Music, theater, movies, art, photography, having fun, food (lol), dancing, jokes, fun people, musicals, being crazy and goofy, fashion, nice people, down to earth people, guys, guys with guitars, celebs, ONTD, gossip, being loud, eyeliner, Jack Bauer, randomness, surprises, gifts, acting, swimming, beaches, singing, cooking, summer, traveling, concerts, Harry Potter books, meeting new people, family reunions, discovering new places, make-up, nail polish, originality, happy endings
Dislikes: Unfairness, stupid people, inefficient people, snobs, fake people, backstabbers, the untalented people that are famous right, smell of cigarette, close minded people, rude people, people who constantly talk about money, war, terrorism, ignorance, people who do things just because everyone else does them, immature people, prejudice, racism, stupidity, boredom, when someone tells me what to do, when someone tries to change my mind about something, when people don't respect my opinions, intolerance, feeling dirty, dirty people, people that are too serious and don't have a sense of humor, math and science, pressure, slow people (drives me crazy!), when people keep things from me, when I'm betrayed by people I trusted, people who treat other badly because they have more power and are in a higher "position"... everyone deserves respect, being alone

Stregnths: Kind, friendly, smart, hard-working, compassionate, trustworthy, loyal, good sense of humor, open minded, understanding, persevering, good listener, spontaneous, easy going, down to earth, honest (but not too honest), humble, creative, artsy, musical, adapts easily, flexible, free, huggable, lovable, fun-loving, "people person". I don't give up easily, when I really want something, I do everything to get it, I always do my best. I'm optimistic and try to see the good side of things. I always stand up for what I believe in. I'm very close to my family and friends. I don't judge other people, and expect the same in return. I'm very talkative (but i'm not sure if that's a good thing.. haha) and when I feel comfortable around someone, I really open up to them. I dream big and have lots of goals and aspirations.
Weaknesses: Changing, gets bored easily, naive, talks too fast, hyper, sarcastic, indecisive, dramatic, loud, moody, unstable, emotional, sensitive, daydreamer, sets too high goals, perfectionist, opinionated, insecure, stubborn, jealous, lazy, loses interest in people and things very easily, doesn't like authority (but respects them anyway), dependent, procrastinates, too attached to people, fear of losing the ones I love, easily hurt, low self esteem (although it changes all the time.. goes from high to low to high to low again...), likes to lead. I'm constantly contradicting myself, I only work hard on things that interest me, I'm bored by "normal" things. I'm always changing my mind about things. I have trouble with concentration... cause I get bored and start thinking about something else. I have a double personality (I'm a gemini, maybe that's why?) it's always changing. I'm not sure about who I am or what I want to do. I second guess myself often.

3 Favorite Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Rent, Love Actually
3 Favorite Musicians/ Groups: Goo Goo Dolls, Snow Patrol, The Fray, U2, Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson (sorry, can't choose 3 only!!)
3 Favorite Television Shows: 24 is my favorite, but I also like watching my Dawson's Creek dvds, CSI (Vegas only) and Gilmore Girls... (and also SNL)
Favorite Color: Blue and burgundy

24 Related Questions

Who is your favorite 24 character and why?
Jack, Tony, Audrey, Michelle. Because they are all honest, good people. And Jack kicks ass, we all know that ;) I don't really know why I like them, I just do. It always happens to me with people, I like them, but don't know why, it's just a feeling...
Fill in the blank: I love when Jack Bauer says "damn it!"... when Tony Almeida says "all right"... when anyone says something like "we're running out of time" or "there's no time for that"
Fill in the blank: Nina Meyers is the coolest villain in television but a total bitch and better off dead
Who do you think ran CTU best? Tony
What is your weapon of choice? I don't know... just give me a gun or something...
When you are angry, who are you most likely to be? Well, I can be Chloe and snap at everyone, but when I'm really angry, I'm Jack... I scream at everyone and throw things in the air...
Preferred method of torture? Psychological. I think it works a lot better than when it is physical, the pain is greater than being hurt physically and people generally break faster.
Which character do you relate most to? Audrey Raines

Hold On...

Please give us a quote.

From 24...
Nina Myers: He is gonna put a bullet in my head before I can say hello, and then he'll turn the gun on himself.
Jack Bauer: We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself.

About life...
"Happiness is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it"

This one's translated from spanish.. it's not as good as it is in spanish, but oh well...
"We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are"
(does that make any sense?)

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